Shopping Small Makes a Difference
Shopping Small Makes a Difference
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Statement Peace Earrings Peace Stud
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Statement Peace Earrings Wave Stud
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Statement Peace

Statement Peace Earrings

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Statement Peace is a sustainable line of wooden jewelry that offers thoughtfully created accessories + apparel + more. We create our 'pieces of peace' from a place of love and our journey has been divinely guided with you in mind. Our products are the vehicle to connection, the epicenter of our brand. We have honored every step along the way and we are humbled + grateful for you and your support. Our mission is to evoke vibes and to immerse you into a higher frequency by sharing our passion for creation. We believe when you operate from a place of peace + love it is felt by all. We also believe that energy is transferable. With every piece of peace created we transfer our passion, high vibrations and good juju with the intention that you feel our vibes. Gravitate. Vibe. Repeat. We are Humbled + Grateful that you resonate with our vibes. We offer you the tools you need to be successful with our brand including effortless + seamless merchandising. Every piece of Statement Peace comes with it's very own wooden display and branded packaging for your customer. Let us tell our story while you do what you do best, connect with people. Divine timing is everything, welcome Sis. The Give Back- Every piece of Statement Peace purchased helps plant trees back into Mama Earth with our donation and your support. We work with One Tree Planted, and environmental charity, whose focus is global reforestation.

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