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Shopping Small Makes a Difference
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Panthertown Pottery Paddling Stamp / Coffee Mugs
Panthertown Pottery Fly Fishing Stam / Coffee Mugs
Panthertown Pottery Fly Fishing Stam / Wine Cups
Panthertown Pottery Paddling Stamp / Wine Cups
Panthertown Pottery

Panthertown Pottery

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These handmade mugs and cups vary in color. Please call us at the shop if you would like more info on the color variations. 

These ceramic cup was wheel thrown by Klayton Huff and showcases Molly Brouwer's artwork. 

After the cup is thrown and goes through its first low temperature firing, it is lined with our beautiful soft green glaze and Molly's drawing is applied to the front. She produces the image by using a special process in which iron oxide is printed onto a decal paper. The decal is applied to the cup before its final high temperature firing to 2193 degrees Fahrenheit. In the hot kiln, the iron oxide soaks into the surface of the clay to create a permanent image on the face of the cup. The shiny light green glaze on the interior and lip of the cup contrast nicely with the bare stoneware clay on the outside.

We are equally proud of our unique clay recipe as we are of our specially formulated glaze palette. Both are well tested and durable, microwave and dishwasher safe. Avoid extreme, sudden, or uneven temperature changes to prevent cracking. The bare clay has a nice, natural look and feels great on the hand. The bottom of the cup is stamped with our Panthertown Pottery logo, so you are sure to always remember who made it and where.

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