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Shopping Small Makes a Difference
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Headwaters Outfitters Outdoor Adventures Magnetic fly threader Magnetic fly threader
Headwaters Outfitters Outdoor Adventures

Magnetic fly threader

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magine yourself trying to thread your fly while standing on a boat or wading in some fast-flowing water. Not so easy sometimes, is it? Now imagine yourself easily threading that fly in just seconds, even if your hands are shaky or your eyes are not 100%. Sounds much better, doesn't it?

This handy little threader can help you when your hands are just too cold to easily thread your tippets through the eyes of those tiny flies. It is magnetic, and the hook automatically gets pulled into place for easy threading. Simply point the end of your tippet into the groove that directs it right through the eye. Heck, why wait until your hands are cold? After you try this, you won't want to thread flies any other way. This gizmo is a bargain!

Threading your fly has never been easier. This top selling threader is equipped with a Strong Rare Earth Magnet that pulls and holds your fly into the correct position. From there all you have to do is push the tippet down the channel through the fly's eyelet.


  • Works great on a wide range of fly sizes
  • Works on bead-head flies
  • Molded from durable lightweight UV rated vinyl

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