Beginners Guide To Birding

American Birding Association

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This book isn't for a birder. It's for the huge audience of people who hike, maybe have bird feeders, and generally enjoy nature. With this book, the naturalist will discover an incredible and rewarding new adventure in the beautiful world of birds.

The book is packed with easy and fun activities and information about birds, how to find them and their part in the nature around us. The information in this book will not only help you identify and learn more about birds, but you'll have a blast doing it.

Nate Swick of the American Birding Association, has compiled chapters upon chapters of interesting, unique and informative birding knowledge, followed by activities that use the skills you learned. So not only will you learn things like what kind of birds you're looking at around the neighborhood, how to decipher different bird calls, and how to bring the birds to your backyard, but you'll complete fun activities like creating a list of the most popular birds in your area, creating a sound map of bird calls, and making a feeder for your backyard.


About the Author:

Nate Swick is the editor of The American Birding Association (ABA) blog, a frequent contributor to 10,000 Birds and has been a birder for more than 20 years. He helps lead birding excursions for ABA events and the Carolina Bird Club and is a member of the North Carolina Bird Records Committee. He lives with his wife and two young children in Greensboro, North Carolina.